Welcome to Karunaman, the home

of healing.

A totally new and original approach to healing the body and mind. Karunaman is your one-stop shopping site for all things healing. The karunaman himself is someone who has learnt to heal all his life and is now ready to heal all kinds of issues using a wide variety of established methods.

Most people have difficulty some of the time, so one form of help or other can be very useful. Many people are suffering more deeply and need to find a way to heal that is more regular and long-term. Karunaman is happy to help in both cases. The most important area of healing is time. Conventional practises whether private or through the NHS simply do not take enough time to get to the heart of your concerns. If someone thinks they can diagnose you in one quick ten-minute session, they are clearly on a hamster wheel and not in the business of healing. If you take ten one hour sessions to get to the heart of someone’s deep-seated issues, you still only worked for ten hours.

Thankfully humans are deeper than that. It is possible to find a quick cure sometimes, but life is a journey and the healing journey takes time.


What type of healing?


Many practitioners become obsessed with one type of treatment. A kind of one size fits all. The NHS offering CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), to all and sundry is the classic example of this. They will tell you that using their technique is the answer to all your problems. Fortunately, humans are multifaceted individuals made up of many different elements, so one type of treatment or approach doesn’t help anyone to heal completely. In Karunamans’ healing journey many schools of thought and practices have been used and explored and applied to the healing process. Exploring your many needs and finding different ways to approach the healing journey is what Karunaman is all about. Think of Karunaman as a self-help guru or coach if you prefer. Karunaman will help you to explore your personal journey and find the techniques, practises and therapies that you personally need. Soft approaches that won’t rip your heart out, but will allow time to heal in a gentle way, perhaps a lifetime of struggle.

Physical and emotional pain.

Pain exists, physical and emotional and spiritual. We do not have to view it in a negative light. It helps us to better understand our needs. We can use pain to heal ourselves wisely and efficiently. Exploring what pain we have will tell us what healing we need to experience.

If you would like to start a healing journey please email karunamanhelp@gmail.com